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    The prisma GmbH is a provider of industry-specific solutions and a brand of snap2life. As the former daughter of the prisma Global Ltd. We are specializing in management solutions , image recognition , mobile services for detection , tracking, and nursing and medical data interfaces. Our focus is on products and services development . We cover the areas of high tech IT research group of the prism and assist clients in the implementation of business requirements..

    prisma GmbH


    • prisma CDW supports hospitals as project template in controlling with standardized indicators.
    • Teaming Teaming helps planning the use of a web-based staff planning and management solution.
    • Gryphos is the detection framework for mobile and web-based image identification requirements.
    • MDS³ combines vital data and sensor systems of patients in home environments or clinical settings with physicians.


    Prisma has collected IT  in business sector and industry experience over 30 years. – Take full advantage of our experience and innovative solutions for their requirements ! We consult, develop and license our partners and – products for their areas.

    Image Recognition

    Image Recognition – Hardly any other subject has the last decade as we pulled into the spell

    You can see how you can use the recognition , where boundaries are mobile . We started the market for 10 years and committed to this issue. snap2life and the recognition gryphos are the result of intensive research and creative team performance.

    Augmented Reality is the visual topo on the technological high performance and leadership. Be curious and let us work together to find solutions to meet their needs and improve processes.

    medical data

    Control clinics , telemedicine and homecare with the prisma GmbH solutions

    For over 10 years, we transfer our knowledge from other sectors in the healthcare industry . 8 years after the start of the research medical data transfer all the basics are in place and the first systems of MDS ³ platform for customers to run in practice.

    Bidirectional data transmission of blood pressure , ECG, oxygen, temperature and weight control Defibrillator Peritoneal dialysis or are in addition to the integration of analysis and control systems with the CDW and mobile use our emphases .

    Excellence Center

    Experts for your business and the best technology

    Personalized mobile advertising , production management , clinical environments , personnel , supply chain , interfaces , business intelligence, back end systems , and user interfaces for Android , iOS , BlackBerry and Windows Phone or browser -based systems constitute our framework.

    Developments in all of the most popular programming and customizing ERP, CRM and BI systems are our field of activity . We advise, develop , supervise , manage and enjoy responsibility .


    News from our network

    Prisma news you will find under News. All other news from our networks we will make available for a limited time here.

    • snap2life starts as APP template  pro version and somewhat scaled-down version snap2life for IOS and Android . Windows and Blackberry soon follow.
    • prisma GmbH wins industry customers in the automotive supplier sector and has expanded to gryphos barcode , DMC and special QR codes.